When DIY becomes DIO - Do It Over!

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So you just purchased the most charming Mid Century "Craftsman" home with original oak flooring, fireplace (that you may hardly use), and built-in wood shelving throughout. Then, not long after the honeymoon phase of closing, you feel some areas need updating. Your proficiency in the areas of plumbing, carpentry, and flooring are non-existent, but you are sure that after absorbing a few YouTube videos (and Google articles) you can do anything! Well...this is where you can find yourself in hot water, literally! There are home improvement areas that should be left to the professionals  (listed below, you're welcome!), and here’s why... Your lack of experience will show. Time and time again, the DIY work has shown up to reduce the marketability of homes. I cannot number the times I have walked through homes as a real estate professional and noticed the unfinished details of well intentioned homeowners. My buying clients have noticed the defects as well.

Even if you feel that you are going to live in that house forever, life happens. Here are some reasons to think twice about taking on the home project yourself:

  • Mastery of carpentry, masonry, roofing, tile work, happens with lots of time and experience. Craftsmen (and Crafts-women) know things you wouldn’t because they have been there and solved most issues. They have also discovered cost effective ways to approach projects.

  • Home buyers are more knowledgeable and desire the best bang for their buck. In most cases-questionable craftsmanship is frowned upon and will affect whether or not buyers will be interested in purchasing your home.

  • Most DIYers end up spending more money in the end to have their "shoddy work" corrected. Cheapest isn’t always best. You may even cause structural damage that can contribute to you spending thousands of dollars. So save yourself the headache and leave it to the professionals. Be sure to get references before finalizing your choice.

Check out some areas I highly recommend having a professional perform:

                                          Roofing  | Painting |  Plumbing | Flooring

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