Four Benefits of Decking Your Walls With Original Art

Margaret Juul Art

Have you ever gone to a friend or family member’s home and seen the same image on their walls that you saw at your local decor store, and about 10,000 other places? Maybe it’s the hipster in me, but it drive me a little mad. I love being unique and encouraging others to be their fabulous selves as well. The great news is that having walls decked out with original art is not only for the bourgeois, celebrity, or designer elite- you too can have a gorgeous interior.

Check out why decorating with original art is the business...


1. Create a unique space that has character. Original art offers your interior space an opportunity to stand apart. Sure you can decorate with reproduced-machine made works, but where’s the creativity in that? (Image of one of the art pieces from the gallery)

2. Tell a story with your original art - If you happen to meet the artist that created your art, there is always some meaning or purpose behind the work. You will be able to share this with your guests. Some artists are even donating proceeds towards important causes. It is all great for conversation-trust me. Check our next art discussion (

3. Collect something original-yes I said collect. You are a collector of art when you buy original art and limited prints- no matter to cost. They may even become valuable in the future. In the meantime enjoy the beauty of your newly collected art.

4. Make a difference, promote human interaction, and encourage creativity. When you buy art that was created by a person, you are encouraging the seemingly lost art of live human interaction. This is how it works- a human uses their time, energy, and resources to create the art, and you use your time, energy, and resources to purchase the art-it has human written all over it. You are also helping someone live their dream, which is also going to make your space, and our world a more beautiful place to live. I had to get sentimental...what can I say I’m a romantic.

Written by - Kia Troutman-Curated Interiors

Art in featured photo by Margaret Juul. Find more Margaret Juul Art for Purchase HERE

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What do you see?

What do you see?

That is the question that often times evokes the most interesting conversation. The words that come forth from gallery patrons are never the same. Cherree Mallette’s dry brush mastery has found a way to pique the inner child and stimulate conversation. Her work requires an up close gaze into the delicate brush strokes, that some confuse for pencil work. The fine shading of blue provides a sense of refreshment and calmness. The whimsical feeling of Mallette’s art lifts the spirit and brings a smile to face of the viewer. 

“Cross Away” by Cherree Mallette

“Cross Away” by Cherree Mallette

“Cross Away” is a part of the Splashparentcies Series, which was birthed from the desire to add a level of conscious subject matter for observation. The viewer is more involved, and the fortunate buyer of this work an active participant in water conservation efforts. Mallette donates a portion of sales to Florida State University Environment and Society student scholarships. Collector’s have also found the Splashparentcies work ideal for a modern or Feng Shui design palette.

Owning this beautiful art is possible for interested parties. Please contact Curated Interiors for purchase information.

Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet!

Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet!

It will be our 2019 goal to bring you cultural, artistic, and exciting events every month! We want our local and regional artists to get the appreciation and support their art deserves. 

Our first event of 2019 will be on Thursday, January, 10th! In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday (on Monday, January 21st) we will be celebrating an artist who knows how to inspire through his unique cultural perspective. As an African American who grew up in rural Florida, Fred Woods "Rootman" has developed a love for the versatility of growth, and an appreciation for the hope of enlightenment. Learn more about this artist on our website, and see more details about this event on the flyer below!

Art Talk & LIVE Demo Rootman Event Flyer

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