Nathan beard

of St. Petersburg specializes in acrylic abstraction, using a variety of processes to achieve complex, multi-layered paintings inspired by the human conception and experience of Space-Time. Notably, he uses painter’s tape as a resist to create rhythmic patterns and shifting color relationships. He exhibits widely throughout the Tampa Bay region and is represented in Japan by agent Noriko Kuehn and Contemporary Heis Art. Nathan also serves as Curatorial Assistant at Dunedin Fine Art Center, Preparator at Scarfone/Hartley Gallery (University of Tampa). Nathan received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Colorado State University in 2001 and currently maintains a studio in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Margaret Juul Photo.jpg

Margaret juul

is a successful, professional artist who holds a BFA in Studio Fine Art from Columbia College Chicago, and 60 credits in Interior Design concepts. She has cultivated and extensive list of devoted supporters while working as an artist, corporate fine art buyer, gallerist, and designer for more than two decades. Her work displays prominently in a wide variety of settings-from celebrity homes and corporate common areas, as well as international hospitality locales. Margaret’s work is represented worldwide through renowned galleries. She maintains a studio in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL where she finds inspiration at every turn.

Fred Woods Photo 1.jpg

Frederick “rootman” woods

started as an artist at an early age by copying images out of books. Today the moving imagery of daily living is his muse. His work is largely self-taught and comes naturally as he paints. Rootman says his inspiration for paintings comes from naturally occurring designs that have stimulated his creative and spiritual forces.

Rootman’s hope that when you view his art the viewer and he can share a moment in time together, and that the experience will reflect back to us the beauty of discovery.

Over the years he has experimented with abstract ideas in terms of how shapes relate to each other and the role of negative space. This prior study and my new emphasis on the ever-changing themes of life are expressed in my current projects.

As an African American who grew up in rural Florida, he has developed a love for the versatility of growth and an appreciation for the hope of enlightenment. In this “new south” the full tenure of life's vibrant emotion is played out before us and offers us glimpse of a better tomorrow.

Rootman’s work can be found in numerous private and corporate collections. Rootman maintains a studio in St. Petersburg Florida.


James SInger.jpg

James W. Singer

James W. Singer is a native Floridian and moved to Lakeland in 2010. Inspired by his travels, Singer believes in challenging the mundane by highlighting the under-appreciated and often overlooked subjects of life. He achieves this through dramatic cropping and off-centre composition.

Singer earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the University of Florida. He was drawn to art history believing that great images inspire feelings and emotions that no other medium can express. Through his fine art photography, Singer seeks to capture the stories all around us.

Singer previously worked at the Polk Museum of Art and has been a photographer for the last ten years. He has sold his works at several art shows including Art Crawl and Dixieland Spring Arts Festival. He currently has two pieces displayed at the Lakeland Regional Hospital and many in private homes